Music Projects

Turn It Up                                                                                                                            

Turn it Up is the music development element of Fleet Arts. Since its launch in 2003, Turn It Up has worked with thousands of young people, collaborating with schools, youth and community groups and recording studios across Derbyshire and Derby City.

Offering a range of workshops, skills development and performance opportunities, Turn it Up has excelled in helping young people with an interest in music to express themselves in a creative way whilst developing their contemporary playing skills.

Our flagship Rock School courses enable hundreds of young people to have their first experience of creating and performing music as part of a band. Participants also have the chance to record their compositions and perform at a number of Derbyshire Festivals, getting their work heard by as many people as possible.

Other projects, such as Ready2Rock and QuickBand aim to enable people who have no experience of playing an instrument at all to get into bands and perform.

Turn it Up it has delivered considerable outcomes and benefits to young people and we are currently investigating ways to expand this to support adults with an interest in music to learn to play an instrument.

If you have an idea that you would like to achieve, Turn it Up can design, plan, deliver and evaluate successful music projects to your specific requirements.

Loz Shaw, Music Projects Coordinator

Burning Sounds project
This is the sixth year that Fleet Arts has worked with Derbyshire County Council providing workshops during their summer activities for looked after children. This takes place at Lea Green and is followed by a performance in the autumn for friends and family. This link is to a video that the young people made in summer 2013.

Turn it Up supported by Arts Council England through the Derbyshire Music Education Hub.